The Cabana – Eko Ile (Lagos My Hometown)

The Cabana is a place designed to make you feel at home

Lagos, is the largest city and former capital of my dear country Nigeria and the largest mega city on the African continent in relation to population; It houses over 21 million people and was named the 4th largest economy in Africa. Lagos is often referred as “No man’s Land” by the non-Lagosian to spite the indigenous Lagosian, because Lagos is a home to almost every tribe and tongue in my country; to mention a few Efik, Hausa, Igbo, Itshekiri, and Yoruba. This makes Lagos the most diversified city in Nigeria and the country’s commercial headquarters.

A Yoruba adage says “Ajo ole dabi ile, ile la bo simi oko” which means: “home is always a place of rest and where your heart is.” That’s how I feel about Lagos.

Enjoy the Luxury

World-Famous, deeply relaxing. Quality in everything we do.

Enjoy the Ocean

The ocean looks so good from the reef coupled with the great air you breathe whilst having a great cocktail from our menu

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