Our Food Culture

Eat, Pray, Love

The Moist Beach Oniru Menu line up was carefully curated to wow your taste buds. We have world class in house chefs that make sure the taste stays standard daily.

There are 3 menus used around the premises
1. The Reef Menu
2. The Cabanas Menu
3. The Main menu

If you are looking for a private and exclusive beach destination in Nigeria, Moist Beach Oniru is your perfect getaway destination for a stress relieving time. Moist Beach Club Oniru is one of the most serene beaches in Lagos, however, do not get it twisted as the beach comes alive at night giving you one of the best nightlife experience.

Moist Beach Menu Lineup

A unique selling point at moist beach is that every
element of it was curated with detailed precision and esquisite taste.
We have an array of menus and they are all unique to the spaces they cover



To view the MOIST BEACH Main Menu Click Here

To view the THE REEF Menu Click Here


To view the Main Cocktails Menu Click Here

The Reef Cocktail

To view the Reef Cocktails Menu Click Here

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