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African Music Enters the World Stage: Battle of the Sounds

Global power players gathered on the continent in December for a whirlwind tour of festivals and events spotlighting African artists. Over the past couple of years, Africa has exploded as a major player on the global music scene. From U.S. labels scooping up breakout African artists...

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The Place to eat, drink and be…

Being in Lagos, or nigeria as a whole can be stressful raised to the power 10 and that is not joke. So we brought you Moist Beach Club (MBC) to give a spice of life that lets say is ideal for you anytime...

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Moist Yatch Party (Dubai Edition)

Join in dubai this November for the Moist Yatch Party, One in Lagos and another in Dubai. It is what you call a double wammi.So how do you qualify for the Yatch party you say? All you need to know about the MOIST YATCH PARTY(DUBAI 2019 EDITION) Venue:...

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LAGOS HAS A NEW WEDNESDAY CULTURE Moist Beach Club (Oniru) Introduces A New Wednesday Trend Lagos is set to experience the highest level of entertainment as Moist Beach Club (Oniru) launches the most exciting weekly event of all times themed Atlantic...

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Meet the Founder/Chairman

Moist Beach Club was established through intense passion for all things food, drinks, beach life and nightlife. Pioneer of Moist Beach Club, Prince Adedapo Oniru enjoys life on the beach, more so Oniru Royal Beach within the high-traffic, Tourists-friendly, Oniru Estate, Victoria Island,...

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